Hearing aid and personal sound amplifier. Headphones and wireless TV headset

Personal Sound Amplifier:

Hearing aid made in France

TEO and TEO First personal sound amplifiers allow to understand conversations well and to listen to the television at one’s own listening level while staying in touch with the rest of the family.

More versatile than a TV headset, a sound amplifier will amplify and give clarity to conversations and voices for people that want to hear better or with greater listening comfort. A personal sound amplifier is also called a assistive listening device.

Personal amplifiers are not a hearing aid, prescribed by the audiologist. You can use personal amplifiers like the TEO and TEO First as a complement to hearing aids with a telecoil position using a neck-loop. One can also listen to the amplified sound with earphones or a headset. Both devices are listening systems Made in France.

Thanks to Tinteo, hear clearly in all situations :

Wireless TV Headset & Hi-Fi Headphones:

Tinteo’s headphones offer a high fidelity sound and balanced frequency response. Bass are present not overwhelming. Medium are clear. ABA 122 noise cancelling headphones reduce up to 85 % of the surrounding noise. This allows you to enjoy your music safely even while travelling (plane or train rides). You will not have to endanger your ears by listening loudly.

Tinteo latest product , TEO Duo headset is a sound amplifier that doubles as a wireless TV headset
Thanks to a small radio transmitter, the receiver gets the sound of your television. You will then listen in your earphones directly to the sound of the television. Transceiver distance is 30 meters indoors and a 100 meters outdoors. The 2.4 GHz radio technology used is secure and user-friendly : no frequency set-up, automatic pairing, no interferences.

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100% Made in France

  • Design: Meyreuil
  • Molding: Molinges
  • Manufacturing: Fréjus